Things To Know About Cloud Computing


In the simplest terms, Adopt Technologies cloud computing service allows businesses to use the Internet to access their full computer (operating systems, software and data) from anywhere on any device with an internet connection. Cloud providers deliver all the server hardware and storage systems to perform specific job duties that have historically been performed on servers and computers in their offices. As more and more organizations continue to switch to cloud computing solutions, there are 10 important things that you should know.


Without question, privacy is one of the main reasons that companies are transitioning to the cloud. Most cloud computing providers will take the necessary steps to make sure that all of your crucial business data is segregated and secured properly. Before making any final decisions, it’s important to ask different providers how they will offer you the privacy that you need.


When it comes to network and system security, cloud computing is one of the best options to ensure optimal security. Through high level encryption, enterprise level anti-intrusion, anti-virus and cyber security practices, coupled with servers being located in high security and redundant data centers, your business data and application will continually be protected better than ever before.

Local Versus Cloud:-

It’s important to know that if you decide to make the switch to the Cloud, you still have the ability to store some of your IT systems and data locally (hybrid cloud model). For certain companies keeping some software and data locally may be better suited for their unique business operations.

Reduced Costs:-

By utilizing cloud providers for services and solutions, your organization will be able to greatly reduce its overall IT expenses. Through remotely hosted server, software and data solutions, the cost of identifying, purchasing, developing, implementing, managing and maintaining your own IT infrastructure can be done at a fraction of the cost.

Flexible Work Environment:-

Cloud computing allows businesses to have a more flexible working environment. Instead of being limited to a traditional office setting, staff members will now be able to perform their full job duties at any location where there is an internet connection.

Understand Company Needs:-

Before making the switch, it’s important to understand why you are considering transitioning to cloud computing services. The Adopt Technologies Team specializes in analyzing the technology needs and initiatives of each organization, to insure the best decisions are made and paths chosen to successfully realize their key objectives.

Service Provider Experience:-

When you are searching for cloud computing services, you should choose a provider that has experience with the specific solutions that your company needs. The last thing that you want to do is switch to a provider that does not have a strong reputation or cannot provide the exact services that you’re looking for. Long term partnerships focused on delivering high quality consultation and IT services are critical to the success of your organization.

Different Types of Clouds:-

Are you aware that there are actually three different types of cloud computing options? While you are going through the decision-making process, you will have to determine if a public, private or hybrid account is best for your organization. Your final choice will depend on the level of security and the specific services that you need.

Cloud Location:-

It’s extremely important to know where your cloud provider maintains its physical infrastructure. This is especially true if your business is in an industry that is frequently regulated with information flow restrictions. The last thing that you want is to start utilizing a service provider that is not able to provide you with the regulatory guidelines that you are legally required to follow.


One of the best things about cloud computing is that you will always know your exact costs. With no hidden costs or additional fees that can accumulate, the cloud makes budgeting and financial forecasting much easier than ever before. Instead of having to guess what your monthly, quarterly or yearly IT cost are going to be, cloud computing allows you to already know what the exact operational costs are.

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